Below my pay grade

There is certain high value work we complete that is both challenging and enjoyable and makes our workday fly by.  We get to use our experience and insights to solve problems or complete necessary tasks and then communicate them to others. Either way, we feel good about it.  

Conversely, there are other parts of our job that can suck-the-life-out-of-us because they are repetitive, time consuming, and mind-numbing. The worst part of these projects is that after slogging through them it is still necessary to complete the more important and necessary analysis and correspondence.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just do the work we like and eliminate the work that is below our pay grade.

Stop the madness
This scenario plays out time and time again when starting a multi-property submission with numerous documents.  We spend the first part of the project communicating with deal partners and establishing strategy, timing, and indicative pricing (the good stuff). We then shift to the painful process of downloading, organizing, and analyzing engineering documents. Even though these three words are simple to say, figuring out how to download documents from various, often confusing, data transfer sites can be exhausting. Then trying to figure out what the 25 reports labeled “report.pdf” are, relabeling them, and putting them into a usable server drive. Wouldn’t it be nice if the process was like this:

  1. Receive an email submission from a broker that contains a single web-link
  2. Open link
  3. Find a visual representation of the submission on a google map and pie chart
  4. Access all engineering docs associated with their appropriate locations
  5. Begin working on strategy, timing, and indicative pricing right away

Today, this is possible.

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