Environmental Insurance Industry adopts Griptiller to help transact real estate portfolios – the tally

Griptiller LLC is busy sorting and presenting real estate portfolios every week.  We do big 3,000-property portfolios and single site deals.  Some accounts have a few documents, others have thousands.  We gain the trust of brokers and underwriters by delivering a sharply focused service that saves money and improves transactions for all parties. We are truly pleased with the impact we are making for our clients and friends in the environmental insurance business.

As 2020 comes to a close, we’re proud to share some key metrics around Griptiller’s usage this year:

100 +
accounts were processed using Griptiller. which teed up 7,000+ properties & 9,000+ documents for easy viewing and underwriting

The average real estate account had
properties and

environmental underwriters received portfolios processed using Griptiller.

environmental carriers were introduced to Griptiller, accounting for about 80% of environmental carriers with significant appetite for real estate business.

“We streamlined critical steps in our work processes, and the market response is excellent.” —  SVP Broker

“There is nothing on the market that has Griptiller’s capabilities.” —  Brokering Manager

Account submission quality varies greatly which is why Griptiller is built to identify and manage myriad data issues. This year, Griptiller flagged and corrected:

18 %

of property addresses which did not automatically locate on Google maps.

4 %

of all documents which did not match up any property on the SOV.

10 %

of portfolios with documents that corresponded to mystery properties.

70 %

of portfolio accounts that had mid-term activity that required data updates and notifications.

Overall, we have found that 85% of real estate accounts have data discrepancies that impact underwriting decisions. Griptiller exposes and resolves these discrepancies, giving many hours of valuable time back to broker teams, underwriting teams and all other transaction partners that need access to good data.

Since the beginning, we’ve partnered closely with industry insiders to create an effective solution to the real estate data dump problem. Together, we are proving that not only is out-sourcing the onerous and error-prone reconciliation of real estate account data to Griptiller a relief, but cost savings are significant. The Griptiller service, backed by custom built software, can do the job faster with fewer errors for less cost. Griptiller helps businesses scale. And, not to be discounted, Griptiller users make their transaction partners’ lives easier too.

“Griptiller has made my life easier for sure! I appreciate it!” — AVP Underwriter

“This is a really great service that solves some significant problems with portfolio submissions.”  —  VP Risk Control