Handling real estate portfolios can be slippery

I just spent a couple hours with environmental underwriters at seven carriers. These underwriters are currently receiving real estate portfolio submission data via Griptiller data links, rather than traditional FTP sites. I’ll share their impressions here. I really appreciate their interest and enthusiasm in providing feedback to help the team at Griptiller solve a long-time problem in the market.

I can put the feedback into three buckets.

#1  Favorite time-saving feature – the disclosed document list
This auto generated list contains every document provided by the broker and can be downloaded/cut/pasted/augmented for individual use. For maximum usefulness, the list should describe each document by file name, author, date and actual report name from the document cover page.

#2  Newest feature – clarifying data updates
It’s likely that property schedules will change and new documents will be added over the course of multi-year policies. Griptiller already provides underwriters with email notifications when changes occur. Based on our conversation, we’re enhancing the notification emails so that they correspond exactly to the new data in the account link. The update emails will list the exact additions, so underwriters can then confirm and download those exact additions from their Griptiller link.

#3  Most interesting insight – Some underwriters immediately download documents as their first and only step
They either download the big .zip file (which contains every document organized into labelled Site folders, a submission document folder and an orphan document folder), or they just download the particular documents they want. Other underwriters use Griptiller features to gain an overview of the account, and actually dig into the account data online. They identified the Overview tab with occupancy pie charts, global mapping of sites, street/aerial view of each property, and the ability to click on a property and review/read all the documents pertaining to it as particularly helpful features.

Griptiller is a technology enabled service company dedicated to providing organized underwriting data instead of document dumps. We strive to make underwriting real estate accounts easier and faster. We are devoted to the idea that brokers and underwriters are more satisfied transacting business, than wasting time reconciling SOVs and reports.