Imagine a world without spreadsheets? Come on you can do it!

With the deadline looming on the biggest opportunity you’ve had in years, your prospect emails multiple SOVs, loss runs, and a data room link. To record the lead, you format and fill in a New Prospect Spreadsheet which corporate requires you record in the company’s Master Prospects Spreadsheet. To figure out the deal, you open four spreadsheets across two monitors; zooming in and out as you check and cross-reference addresses and insureds’ names. By editing one of the prospect’s oddly formatted spreadsheet you generate the Deal SOV which becomes the base of your proposal.

When trying to figure out what is in the data room you see that 50 of the 100 documents are labeled “report.pdf” and the others are labeled a random assortment of numbers; neither of which offers a clue to what, if any, property they are associated with. As time evaporates and your patience wains, you start the laborious and mind-numbing task of relabeling the pdfs and figuring out what data you have. With 40% to 50% of your allotted time taken up with this reconciliation task you are feeling the pressure to complete the rest of the analysis and drafting the proposal.

Is this what you signed up for?

I think not.

You should be focusing on new business, not managing and re-managing bad data and poorly named documents. With extra time you could have more conversations leading to more opportunities. Each opportunity offers the chance of more premiums and more commission. Plus hitting the links a couple extra times of month wouldn’t be bad for your handicap.

Answer these questions, honestly:

  • Wouldn’t be nice if you could start your analysis and drafting without having to endure the exhausting and time-consuming chore of property and data reconciliation?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if someone (not in your office) or some automated process could digitize the SOV, plot the properties on a Google map, indicate the property types, and associate each document with the correct property?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if that process highlighted orphan properties and documents so that you could have an educated discussion with the prospect regarding the data they provided?
  • And, wouldn’t it be nice if all this came to you in a weblink that allowed you instant access to real-time deal data that you could share with others.

I know the answers. Yes, it would.

Such a process exists. To learn more, visit