Griptiller solves three problems inherent to Site/Location-based underwriting.

  1. Organizing, transferring and providing multi-party access to underwriting data;
  2. Consistent and thorough risk/loss control engineering;
  3. Quick and cost effective peril and cat modeling.

Griptiller organizes, digitizes and maps submissions data into easy to use tiles. Front end organization provides clear presentation of properties and associated documents. Data is secure and can be made accessible to internal and external parties. Back end tools provide analyses of the Site book of business, as well as applied enterprise risk management. Brokers, Carriers and Insureds all mutually benefit from better preparation, transfer and analysis of data.

Use Griptiller to:

  • Upload, download and transfer underwriting data
  • Improve underwriting and claims workflow
  • Layer risk data feeds over your mapped sites
  • Acquire consistent risk control engineering reports
  • Review your whole business at a glance

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