Underwriters Prefer Griptiller Data Links

Stop slogging through imperfect property lists and engineering document dumps
– for you and your transaction partners.

Easier Risk Analysis

Faster Underwriting

Better Relationships

  • Our Plans

  • Easy drag & drop property list and engineering document upload
  • Automated property folder generation and document sorting
  • Disclosed document list - downloadable
  • Individual property folders containing relevant engineering documents - downloadable
  • All property locations mapped
  • Each property viewable in satellite and street views
  • List of properties with invalid addresses - downloadable
  • List of properties without relevant engineering documents - downloadable
  • List of engineering documents without relevant property (orphan docs) - downloadable
  • Data link can be sent to multiple transaction partners
  • Transaction partners enjoy same functionality
  • Single user, pay as you go, per property portfolio, 1 year data storage, renewable
  • Robust company dashboard displays users, portfolio accounts, property search
  • Control transaction partners' data link access
  • Allow transaction partners to add properties and documents
  • Receive notifications when property and documents are added
  • Live reconciliation of property data discrepancies with transaction partners
  • Maintain updated properties and documents from submission and mid-term activity through policy term
  • Annual company subscription, multiple users, multiple portfolios, renewable
  • Basic

  • Create data links as you need them, for individual users

  • Enterprise

  • Data links and data reconciliation for active company account management