Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio Book of Business

Use Griptiller to increase profitability.

“There is nothing on the market that has its [Griptiller’s] capabilities.”

Vice President, Risk Control / carrier

Spend more time advising your clients and less time organizing data

Griptiller reconciles real estate portfolio data so brokers can maintain up-to-date account property records and present highly organized data to their clients and underwriters.

It all starts by dropping property schedules and supporting underwriting documents into Griptiller. Griptiller organizes and displays the data on an account dashboard. Data discrepancies are listed and highlighted so brokers can work efficiently with their clients to “perfect” the portfolio data. Brokers then share the data with their favorite underwriters as they market the account. In addition, all mid-term account activity is kept up-to-date throughout the policy period making renewals a snap.

Griptiller is built to take inefficiencies out of your real estate book of business. It provides more value than general FTP sites. Brokers using Griptiller improve their own business and positively impact the business of their transaction partners.

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Stand out among the competition and confidently manage more portfolios.

Griptiller automates an error-prone, manual process.

“Griptiller organizes data and documents in a way that I’ve never seen before. Others products don’t reconcile data, with locations and formatting.”

Vice President, Environmental / Underwriting Manager / carrier

Griptiller is a low implementation, targeted solution. Griptiller account managers work directly with your team to support broker success.