Showcase & Manage More Property Portfolios

Don’t just forward SOV/COPE schedules and document file trees.

Spend less time organizing data and more time advising your clients. Handle more business faster. Provide your clients a better customer experience.

Stop slogging through imperfect property lists and engineering document dumps
– for you and your transaction partners.

Easier, Faster, Better

Griptiller automates an error-prone, manual process.


Griptiller’s online SaaS automatically sorts and organizes property (Site) underwriting data, highlights data discrepancies, and produces useful data links for sharing. The links provide mapped property locations in multiple views, and downloads such as disclosed documents lists, reconciled property lists, and labeled property folders with associated documents already inside.

Brokers use Griptiller to reconcile underwriting data with their clients, assess account risk, then pass organized data links to underwriters.

When underwriters do not receive Griptiller data links, they use Griptiller to properly organize incoming submission data.

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  • Our Plans

  • Maps properties and associates engineering documents automatically
  • Allows user and transaction partners to reconcile property address and document discrepancies together
  • Generates disclosed document lists - Downloadable
  • Generates individually labeled property folders with engineering documents already inside - Downloadable
  • Presents property locations in satellite and street views
  • Generates a list of properties that have invalid addresses - Downloadable
  • Generates a list of properties that do not have associated engineering documents - Downloadable
  • Generates a list of engineering documents that are not associated with any listed property (orphan docs) - Downloadable
  • Generates a unique data link that can be sent to transaction partners
  • Allows transaction partners to enjoy the same data visualization and ability to download
  • Users purchase Griptiller services on a per use, as needed basis. Each job is invoiced separately.
  • Provides company-wide dashboard that displays users and their portfolio accounts. All data is searchable.
  • Users track and control transaction partners' data link access
  • Users choose to send data links directly via Griptiller or copy the links into their own emails
  • Transaction partners, with permission, can add properties and documents with easy drag & drop uploads
  • Users receive notifications when transaction partners add data, and vice versa
  • Users maintain up-to-date property underwriting data from submission and mid-term activity through renewal
  • Company-wide subscription is paid annually. Price is based on the number of users and data storage. Portfolio accounts may be invoiced separately.
  • Basic

  • Create data links as you need them, for individual users

  • --
  • Enterprise

  • Data links and data reconciliation for active company account management

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