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Organizing CRE Portfolio engineering data – Someone must do it

Brokers are in the best position to create accurate underwriting submission packages, because they have [...]

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Improving Submission Quality in Environmental Real Estate Portfolios

Recently, the SEIP published an article focusing on the digital transformation of the insurance industry. [...]

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3 Reasons First Timers Use Griptiller … and why they stay with us.

Recently, I reached out to a few clients to get an understanding for the reasons [...]

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Is Your Success at Winning Business Predicated on Your Ability to Slog Through Data Dumps?

We often see Brokers gathering property lists and documents from their clients via email and [...]

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Announcing Griptiller SORT

Chelmsford, MA, March 29, 2021. Griptiller LLC, a technology-enabled service firm specializing in environmental insurance [...]

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Eliminate Site Portfolio Data Dumps

Insureds, brokers and underwriters reading this blog know that badly prepared site portfolio submissions waste [...]

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Environmental Insurance Industry adopts Griptiller to help transact real estate portfolios – the tally

Griptiller LLC is busy sorting and presenting real estate portfolios every week.  We do big [...]

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Handling real estate portfolios can be slippery

I just spent a couple hours with environmental underwriters at seven carriers. These underwriters are [...]

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