Griptiller SORT

Making Site Portfolios Easier to Market and Underwrite

We developed Griptiller SORT (Submission Organization & Reconciliation Tool) to help brokers efficiently market real estate accounts.   On an account-by-account basis, Griptiller reconciles real estate submission data for brokers before distribution to carriers.

Preparing real estate submissions is time-consuming and laborious. And when complete, submission data are often still difficult for underwriters to download, review and quote. 

Griptiller SORT eliminates those issues by reconciling property lists and documents in such a way that brokers can:

  • Demonstrate deep account knowledge to clients.
  • Obtain better coverages and faster quotes by reducing the burden on underwriters. 
  • Continue using their company-approved data storage and external delivery systems.

Our three-step process ensures submission accuracy and improved coverage outcomes.

  1. Data organization: Griptiller SORT reconciles account data and shares an account overview.
  2. Data perfection: Griptiller SORT highlights errors and inconsistencies, then perfects the data.
  3. Data delivery: Customers download and retain the organized data to satisfy company requirements. Then the submission package is uploaded to company-approved systems for external delivery to the markets.

See our Griptiller SORT announcement for details on deliverables.

Griptiller SORT

“Griptiller SORT makes transacting real estate accounts cost effective for brokers, and so much easier on their insureds and underwriters. It’s fast and affordable for any account.”

David Oldow
Griptiller Principal and Co-founder

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