3 Reasons First Timers Use Griptiller … and why they stay with us.

Recently, I reached out to a few clients to get an understanding for the reasons they tried Griptiller for the first time. By connecting directly with our customers, we learn a lot about our products and why they are so valuable to our clients. And when we ask them about their first engagement, it often comes down to a specific overwhelming need that spurs them to try something new, something they previously did not have access to. A single tool that immediately helps them do their business.

  1. RUSH JOB! This is a very common scenario.  A good opportunity comes into the company and  there is a short time to execute. Our client is in a time crunch and may be short staffed. There are loads of documents and masses of properties. Our clients need fast and accurate reconciliation of the submission data so they can triage and get started.
  2. Massive document list. Our clients have a trove of documents that need to be put on a master list. BONUS for adding a report descriptive name column for easy identification. Creating a disclosed document list is fast and easy when done automatically. Our clients save hours of mind-numbing and error-prone work.
  3. Sales oomph. Whether pitching a new client or inheriting an account, consulting about the risk is easier with organized engineering data. Presenting clients’ data back to them with mapped sites and statistics of data completeness is a powerful indicator of engagement.

Digitized, reconciled and easily transferable data helps our first timers over tough spots.  Our staff work diligently to help all our clients succeed.

Our clients stay with Griptiller to win and maintain more business.