busy underwriters

3 ways to be kind to your underwriters on real estate portfolios

You nurture relationships with your go-to underwriters. You respect their time and business goals. You’re very careful not to burn them out on low-bind percentage opportunities. So you conscientiously balance your submission flow.

Here are 3 specific ways to make your accounts easier to underwrite and service

  1. Reduce submission data confusion and frustration.  Instead of a files trees, submit fully reconciled engineering documents and property schedules. 
  2. Assist with fast account/appetite triage. Map the properties, display occupancy charts, allow immediate reading of documents and provide compiled document lists.
  3. Run an efficient mid-term activity process. Keep account documents and property schedules automatically up-to-date throughout the policy term.

Submitting clear and organized underwriting data demonstrates real sensitivity to your underwriters’ workloads. So remove the burden of slogging through disorganized property lists and supporting documents. 

Don’t be average.

FTPs and data portals are average. They’re average at displaying data. And they don’t help reconcile underwriting data to eliminate discrepancies.  

Underwriters are stretched thin

Production underwriters are balancing submission volume and quality. So make it easier and faster for underwriters to triage, underwrite and service your real estate portfolio accounts. 

Get your accounts to the top of the pile

Your submissions need to stand out. And working on your accounts should be easier than the rest. In this case, being kind to your underwriters frees them to handle more of your business faster.

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