The Joy of Data and Document Reconciliation

Anyone else remember digging through bankers boxes in physical file rooms? Then as documents were digitized, we used discs, thumb drives and email. Now FTP data sites can transfer piles and piles of underwriting data.

Hello file trees. Hello data dumps.

Sorting and reconciling is wasted time. Have you tracked the time it takes to do this? Some of our clients say hours, and some recollect weeks of wasted time just getting the data ready to submit.

Today, not much has changed

Your client has a real estate portfolio that needs environmental or property coverage.  You obtain the property schedule and supporting engineering documents, organize them for yourself, and then submit the data to your favorite underwriters. These might be the most soul-sucking tasks in managing portfolio business. It’s all data management and not much risk consulting.

Automated reconciliation

What has been missing is a service that does document reconciliation, organization and property mapping for you. A service built for insurance pros. A service where brokers can off-load manual tasks AND stand out in a broker field where data dumps are the standard.

Brokers search for opportunities to prioritize account risk management over data management that helps them:

  • Avoid duplication of efforts
  • Cut out mind-numbing, manual, error-inducing, monotonous work
  • Confidently send up-to-date data to multiple underwriters

So offload the difficult task of reconciling and maintaining property schedules and property records. Ensure that account data stays up-to-date and available to all staff. And submit the data to carriers in an easy to underwrite format.

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash